Punctuating the skyline with a sleek glass exterior, 505, an impressive 45-story skyscraper from Giarratana Development, introduces ultra-luxury penthouse living to Nashville. “A building like 505 is something that’s completely new to the Nashville market. At present, there’s nothing comparable to it in terms of the high rise building, and the level of finishes and luxuries that are in the penthouse. It’s an exclamation point on a city that is exploding in growth, but nothing else is like it. You can’t help but notice 505 on the skyline. Plus you’ve got views that no one else in the city has,” explains Jenny McClain, Chief Marketing Officer for Giarratana Development. With a building as stunning as 505, it was essential for the interior to be equally impressive. “The sheer amount of glass lends itself to a unique, modern, upscale feel for sure, so you’ve got a sleek, attractive exterior that matches the interior where it is lux and stunning,” McClain elaborates. Several of the lux interior spaces were designed by Ashley Middlebrooks, interior designer with Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. Middlebrooks has successfully incorporated the exterior beauty of the building into her designs during an impressive two year partnership with 505. Ensuring that 505’s architectural charm is both appreciated and respected in her work, Middlebrooks has now designed the model units and several units for residents. Her latest project was the 505’s two-story penthouse.

The living room best exemplifies the designer’s vision for the penthouse: to pull the outside in. “I would describe the style in this room as warm, cozy, and sexy, with clean lines,” Middlebrooks summarizes. “The colors and tones used in this unit were specific to the colors from the view while I was there. You see the skyline. You see the sunset with the caramel undertones. You see the mountains in the greens and blues. All the colors outside those windows are what I wanted to bring into that space,” explains Middlebrooks. Curated artwork by Ed Nash depicts the Smoky Mountains, adding a modern Tennessee touch. Also reflecting the mountains, a Delaney mirrored buffet rests against the opposite wall and pairs harmoniously with the artwork. A prefinished red oak floor by Nelson Series, in the color Denali, perfectly contrasts the room’s white accents best seen in the overstuffed sofa.

Upholstered in Sunbrella, a high performance fabric, the sofa invites guests to both lounge and enjoy the views. Two plush, patterned, velvet chairs offer extra seating in the expansive space while complementing the colors and patterns in the pillows Middlebrooks selected. Thoughtfully placed near the seating area, a porcelain Addie pull-up table and a Lisbon three-tiered side table provide space for beverages. A natural tone Power Shag rug rests beneath a leather ottoman while a ventless, glass fireplace with dark wood accents warms the space.

This beautiful condo offers over 3,000 square feet and is perched 520 feet in the air, bringing an entirely new level of living to the Nashville. “The overall style of the penthouse is transitional with clean, classic lines,” states Middlebrooks, “nothing overly modern and nothing super traditional. It’s especially unique because of the views, the extra high ceilings, and the exaggerated architecture. I wanted to set up a beautiful space where prospective buyers could see more than just something they’d have to envision themselves. I wanted them to feel the energy pouring out of it when they walk in.” Because Middlebrooks captured the energy of Nashville in her design, the penthouse perfectly complements the sights outside its floor to ceiling windows. “You don’t want to do anything that distracts from looking out a window or seeing outside. Because of this, I chose low, clean frames, zero obstructions, and very neutral, warm colors overall,” she explains. Through the various fabrics and artwork she chose, Middlebrooks creatively pulled the colors of the skyline into the home. “I curated artwork by artist Ed Nash to accentuate the color scheme, vibe, and furnishings of the entire space. Every piece was hand selected, and mirrors the views throughout most of the home.” Middlebrooks’ goal for the penthouse was to create a space that was both beautiful and strong. A combination of masculinity and femininity, achieved as she worked with Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams to supply nearly all the penthouse furnishings. Through a variety of leathers and dark woods paired with overstuffed furniture and lush green plants, Middlebrooks achieved the balance she knew would perfectly complement 505’s impressive architectural style. “There’s a warm inviting element to the penthouse that only a certain level of designer and contractor can achieve. That doesn’t happen often, especially at this height,” adds McClain. With a stunning open floor plan, endless views, and the perfect balance of comfort and prestige, the 505 penthouse is an explosion of space and luxury currently unmatched in Nashville.

The dining room is where the warm, natural tones really take center stage. The solid, dark wood table is paired with tall Anthony dining chairs in Muskogee oak leather which complement the nearby living room. “Organic is the best word to describe the leather, fabrics, and textures I chose in this space,” Middlebrooks explains, “but the Ed Nash artwork selected pulls in all the colors of the living room.” Middlebrooks chose to keep the space clean but still rich and inviting. “I didn’t want a lot going on. I just wanted it to be very sleek because the dining table providing a space to look outside was most important. I also didn’t want to take away from that six foot tall painting,” she recalls. Beneath the expansive painting, Middlebrooks placed the Lisbon console, with a chocolate finish and copper-toned handles. Floating delicately above the room’s dark tones and masculine textures is an eye catching chandelier by Arteriors Lighting. “One thing that I’ve always appreciated about our designers is their attention to creating spaces that are not only beautiful and thoughtfully designed but also are a welcoming and inviting place for people to sit down and have a conversation,” remarks McClain.

With a combination of wood-like melamine and high gloss laminate cabinets from Snaidero, the kitchen boasts a clean and sleek look. The Oslo oak and cappuccino colors pair perfectly with the polished quartz backsplash and island manufactured by Cambria. Nestled against the vast island are three Gage counter stools made of boulevard velvet, each accented by a metal frame. The modern choice both complements the polished space and adds a plush element to the many clean lines. The decision to use velvet counter stools in a muted color was essentially to let the barstools blend in with the tones of the space while adding texture. “I chose the muted color for a soft aesthetic that retained a bit of an industrial feel,” explains Middlebrooks. Adding to the industrial theme are several metallic and chrome elements like the faucet from Kohler and the accent mirror. With items like the mirror and miniature potted plants, Middlebrooks was able to make the space feel lived in and soften the industrial appearance with some comforts of home. McClain states, “The goal is always to be functional yet stick with the style of our designer to keep it clean and the lines neat. We strive to maintain an important function for the spaces we offer the market. We don’t want to ignore the need that people want to have another place for socializing while they are cooking in their kitchen.”

“This space has multiple purposes; it can become whatever the owner wants it to be. I thought of it as a reading nook, but it’s designed to be a spot for conversation and cocktails with friends without the distraction of television,” Middlebrooks explains. McClain adds, “You’re not going to live on this level just to watch television, you are there for the views, entertaining guests, and having meaningful dialogue. This is a space for intimate conversations while overlooking the north of the city.” Because this sitting area is a small, transitional space between rooms, Middlebrooks opened it up by hanging mirrors on the walls, opposite the windows. Her goal was to amplify the feminine aspects of the design. “You’ll notice the transition from the more masculine living room into this feminine space in between, and then it immediately transitions into the bedroom which is a combination of both feminine and masculine styles.” This was achieved by adding Everson chairs in harbor blue velvet and an inviting Mona Sofette covered in striated Pippin cream velvet. With space for cocktails in mind, Middlebrooks chose a Vienna coffee table with an antique brass finish and a gold toned Handler pull up table with a marble top. A natural cowhide rug from AshBlue further brightens the space.


The focal point of the master bedroom is the exquisite, Tall Butler bed, made of Caspian-Anthracite leather, towering six feet in the air. Middlebrooks emphasizes, “It’s my favorite leather we have in the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams showroom— the color is somewhere between stone and brown; it’s very rich. It was another instance where we brought in those natural, organic, elements to reflect the natural beauty outside.” With a custom-designed platform, Middlebrooks knew the bed would be perfect in this space. Furnishings like the Perla chandelier with an antique brass finish and lucite crystals harmonize with the feminine flair of plush linens on the bed. The blue Poppy swivel chairs, made of Indie-Shale, are the perfect contrast to the dark woods and leathers. At the foot of the grandiose leather bed, stands the Bella Settee, a small-scale, high back sofa, made of boulevard velvet. Decorating the floor with texture is a hair-on-hide Marseille rug. The romantic synergy of Middlebrooks design pays homage to the stunning sunset views every evening. “Lying in bed and looking at that view is everything,” she maintains.


The pristine master bathroom design is clean and simple. “Less is more and when you have this panoramic view, you don’t need distracting colors. The intent is to keep it clean. Keep it minimal. You don’t need a lot to make it stunning up there,” says McClain. Most grand entrances in the home incorporate a fashion forward door, by Metrie, painted with Perfect Greige by Sherwin Williams. A quartz countertop, by Caesarstone, flawlessly joins the muted color palette with a standard eased edge and a polished finish. A Marmi Visa Statuario Gold porcelain tile elevates the build in both an aesthetically subtle but luxurious way. The focal point of the room is a detailed tile wall in the shower by Mosaïque Surface. It’s comprised of a stunning combination of Balmoral Beige, Calacatta Oro, Oxford Beige, and Oxford Gray tiles. As with most of the home, all the design elements work in harmony without competing with the view.

The 8th floor of 505 boasts many exclusive amenities for condo owners. One such space is the Tuscan-inspired Carmen wine cellar. “It’s walking into Tuscany in the center of Nashville, Tennessee. It’s the most stunning example of a wine cellar I’ve ever seen. You really are transported to a different place,” reveals McClain. There’s more history to this space than meets the eye. Like every great design, it starts with a story. “The Carmen wine cellar is my favorite room in the building. It’s named after Tony Giarratana’s mother, Carmen, who passed away during construction. He’s a very passionate Italian, so he and his mom would have lots of conversations over wine. It was something that he treasured and when she passed away suddenly this was his way of honoring her which I think is really fantastic,” shares McClain. In honor of his mother and his love for conversation, Tony’s influence is clearly seen. “It’s a place that fosters a unique intimacy that isn’t anywhere else. It’s a stunning space,” McClain emphasizes. The combination of stone, wood, and old world charm is all anchored by the custom table. “While Tony and his wife Lisa were in France, they came upon a 17th century table that sits around 10 people. They bought it, and it’s up in Tony’s penthouse. However, he had a replica made for the cellar that seats 22,” states McClain.

Another exclusive amenity is the demonstration kitchen and common area for residents. “The building has wonderful spaces for gathering. This space is for entertaining. It’s not just functional, it’s also beautiful,” McClain notes. Giarratana Development has encouraged a sense of community among the residents at 505. “I think, ultimately, when we’re deciding how to use these spaces we consider how people are wanting to use the space in their home. A building like 505 is an instant magnet for those who want to come visit and often there’s not enough space for a large dinner party of 10 or 15 in your unit. So, Tony, being the thoughtful developer he is, really incorporated those large meaningful spaces for owners to entertain and be together with friends and family. That is what is most important to him: to give them a place to do that in the best building in the city,” says McClain. More than just providing community spaces, Giarratana Development strives to creatively introduce Nashville to what the 505 lifestyle entails. “This space is not only for owners to utilize but, as a building, we’re educating people on what this lifestyle really means. Being able to host events and have celebrity chefs visit has been a fantastic way to invite people in and help them understand what living downtown in 505 means. They really are just learning what that looks and feels like… and smells like,” McClain states.

Resembling an upscale, urban loft, the fitness center combines sleek design and panoramic views for a one-of-a-kind workout. “The fitness center is on level seven and is accessible to everyone in the building. It’s a very urban, gritty space that was created for people to sweat their best out. When Tony Giarratana shared his vision for the space, he asked the designers to make it a space that Rocky would train in,” says McClain. With wood-inspired flooring, exposed brick, and cutting edge equipment, the 505 fitness center offers far more than most gyms. Any workout will be completed with ease while gazing upon Music City. “On level seven you still have panoramic views. We also have this amazing Italian-made Technogym equipment with incorporated screens so residents can listen to music or watch their favorite shows. I often find that people are just zoned out looking at the views and before they know it they’ve spent 45 minutes on the treadmill,” laughs McClain. Perhaps the most popular spot in the luxurious gym is the cardio equipment facing the expansive windows. Residents of 505 love to absorb the sights of the city so close to their hearts. According to McClain, “They’re hypnotized by the activity in the city and the views.”

505 Church St.
Nashville, TN 37219

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4015 Hillsboro Pike
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